Launch Tech USA 10,000lb. Capacity Two Post Lift with Adjustable Height and Width.

The TLT210-XT is an ALI certified 10,000lb. professional grade two post, asymmetric clear floor lift with adjustable width and height. Adjustability, quality manufacturing and design coupled with unsurpassed customer support.


The Launch Tech USA TLT210-XT 10,000lbs. ALI Certified Two Post lift is a professional grade, asymmetrical clear floor vehicle lift with a versatile design at an affordable price. The TLT210-XT two post car lift can be installed in a rotated asymmetric configuration (turned columns) or in a standard asymmetric configuration (straight columns). The TLT210-XT is designed to be installed in a low setting or high setting as well as a standard width and narrow width. Multiple configurations allow you to match the lift to your vehicle mix and shop space. The best part, we include all the necessary parts to install the lift in the preferable configuration at no additional cost. With flexibility in mind the lift comes with three stage short arms and two stage long arms and a low pad height of 4.3” to maximize lifting capabilities.  Stocked in Blue or Red.




  • Direct Drive Cylinders.
  • Adjustable height allows you to maximize lifting height and utilize vertical shop space.
  • Adjustable width provides flexible install choices based on your shop dimensions.
  • Turned column or straight column installation.
  • Single point lock release allows quick and safe lift operation at one post.
  • Full coverage rubber doors guards provide unmatched door protection.
  • Telescoping screw pads are unmatched for quick and easy pad adjustment.
  • Stackable pad extensions included: 4 Pieces 3” and 4 Pieces 6”.
  • Hydraulic hoses are routed through covers for protection and a finished look.
  • Heavy Duty Automatic Arm restraints with oversized gears, pins and springs engage and disengage automatically.
  • Durable powder coat finish (Blue or Red).


Capacity: 10,000lbs.

Overall Width Straight Column (Adjustable): 130.70” / 136.60”

Overall Width Turned Column (Adjustable): 132.00” / 137.90”

Overall Height (Adjustable): 145.20” / 149.00”

Minimum Ceiling Height: 145.50”

Low Pad Height: 4”

Maximum Lift Height: 76.40”

Width Between Columns Straight (Adjustable): 104.30” / 110.20”

Width Between Columns Turned (Adjustable): 96” / 101.90”

Drive Thru Width Straight Columns (Adjustable): 92.00” / 98.40”

Drive Thru Width Turned Columns (Adjustable): 86” / 92.00”

Floor to Overhead Shutoff (Adjustable): 140.00” / 146.00”

Arm Reach Front: 23.60” – 43.50”

Arm Reach Rear: 38.60” – 61.80”

Maximum Load Per Arm: 2500lbs.

Electric Power Unit: 2HP/208-230Volts/60 Hz/Single Phase

Operating Pressure: 2750 PSI

Shipping Weight: 1750lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 110”L X 24”W X 48”H